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Data Logging CPD

Your development as a professional is just as important to us as it is to you, that's why we created these STEM resources. Our aim is to help teachers understand the latest technologies, ensuring they are confident in teaching new skills through Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths.

Data Harvest has worked in the education sector for over 35 years providing engaging solutions for both primary and secondary education and therefore we understand that in a time critical environment, primary teachers find it often too difficult to provide engaging science lessons along with all the other subjects they are expected to cover.

Our data logging CPD course provides a detailed insight into the world of data logging as described in the primary curriculum. The course explains what data logging is and guides you through using a data logger and suitable software. The course builds on your understanding using terminology at a primary level and in less that 1 hour you will feel more comfortable in providing engaging science lessons based around capturing and presenting data.

Children learn more quickly when fully engaged; data logging experiments encourage children to raise further questions through science based investigations.

Certification: Our CPD course includes a multiple choice questionnaire which is available once you have completed the short series of videos. If you score over 85% you will be awarded the certificate which can be printed and included as part of your professional development credentials.